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We Are Lancer
We introduced ourselves in the field of sheet metal fabrication works. We have the distinction of being first in the state of Gujarat and very few in India in this field with the latest technology to provide the total fabrication solution under one roof.
Lancer Laser Tech Ltd. made a humble beginning by installing the CNC Laser Cutting Machine in the late 90. But with the requirements of the customers and the vision of the company to become the total Sheet Metal Components/fabrication solution provider, the company expanded its facilities with Modern Production facility of 273000ft²(25362.53m²) Area by installing the Latest Technology of CNC Laser Machine with Cutting Bed Size 6.5x2.5 Meter & 2x4 Meter High Speed Laser Cutting Machine, Bending Machine with 8 Meter Capacity and the various Welding Machine. The COMPETENCY of the company lies in its innate knowledge of its qualified and experienced team, the facilities, commitment, innovativeness and the CORE COMPETENCE being the organization’s policy of “Moving ahead with Time”.

Lancer Laser Tech Ltd. Is a Strategic Diversified Company Having an experienced and qualified team for the precision sheet metal fabrication with modern job shop using high tech precision fabrication technology like CNC Laser Cutting, NC Bending and advance Welding Facility.

The UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION (USP) of the company is its ability to provide the Total Sheet Metal Component/Fabrication Solution under one roof.
an ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Quality Assurance
The Management and employees of Lancer Laser Tech Ltd. is committed not only to satisfy the customer but also to exceed and delight them with a focused continuous improvement approach with proactive innovation ideology in the field " Sheet metal jobs"

Lancer Laser Tech Ltd. is also committed to comply with requirement of ISO 9001:2008 and continually improve the effectiveness of its Quality Management System.

The Top management shall ensure that the quality policy and objectives are communicated and understood well within the organization. And it shall also periodically review the quality objectives as well as the continuing suitability of the quality policy and objectives of the organization.
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